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We are proud to introduce the Professional Leadership Circle (PLC) of the YU Wall Street Group. In return for a minimum annual tax deductible donation to Yeshiva University of $360, we will offer PLC members preferred access in the future to all YU Wall Street Events.  (Similarly, graduates of the last 10 years will be invited to join the YU Wall Street Young Leadership Circle (YLC) at $180.) Benefits will include guaranteed admission, preferred seating and the possibility of access to exclusive events.Your support will also help Yeshiva University continue to provide the outstanding Wall Street Group programs that we are proud to offer.

Please click here if you’d like to join this group of dedicated alumni and friends. We look forward to welcoming you to the YU Wall Street Professional and Young Leadership Circles.


PLC members include:

Amiel Aharon ’8YUHS, ’91YC, ANZ Securities

Avi Aronovitz ’90SB, Socure

Lawrence Askowitz ’87YC, Bank Street

Reuben Askowitz, Morgan Stanley

Lance Carr, Houlihan Lokey

Michael Chill ’89SB, Roth Capital Partners

Jacob Cohen ’17SB, CME Group

Uriel Cohen ’01SB, White Bay Group

Daniel Danesh ’13YC, ’16C, Goldman Sachs

David Danesh ’13YC, ’16C, McDermott Will & Emery

J. Morton Davis, DH Blair Investment Banking Corp.

Marc Davis, Tradition Capital Management

Yaakov Ehrenkranz ’09YC, ’12R, SMV Capital

Michael Friedman ’91YC, Chapman and Cutler

Dror Futter, Rimon PC

Shai Gerson ’01YC, Chardan

Baruch Glaubach ’81YC, River Rock Capital

Evelyn Havasi ’82S, ’85C, Citi

Michael Heino ’13YC, Citigroup

Ahron Herring ’91YUHS, ’95YC, Yeshiva University

Ellie Himmelfarb ’07YC, Schilit Forensics

Izzy Kaufman ’88YC, Cross River Bank

Gilad Kopelman ’10SB, S&P Global

Jonathan Krause ’08SB, Toyota Tsusho America

Nikki Kurland ’15S, Macquarie

Aaron Liberman ’81YC, Merrill Lynch

Clive Lipshitz, Tradewind Interstate Advisors

Allen Margolius, Highland Analytics

Jeffrey Meyers, Cobia Capital

Jamie Minkove ’96SB, Nuveen

Amanda Nussbaum ’95S, Proskauer

Moshe Orenbuch ’84YC, Credit Suisse

Nathaniel Polachek ’96YUHS, ’00YC, Commodity Asset Management

Yosef Rabinowitz 91YC, TBRC Cost Recovery LLC

Zoya Raynes, Amber Capital

Cindy Remin, Blackstone

Evan Renov ’04SB, Beechwood Ventures

Shlomo Ressler, Wolfson Group

Nachum Rybak ’06YC, ’09R, Brasil Warrant LLC

David Sandel ’02SB, Simcoe Capital Management, LLC

Bennett Schachter ’97SB, Goldman Sachs

Adam Schreck ’00YC, Discovery Capital Management

Judah Schulman ’15YC, CAIS

Sammy Schwartz ’16SB, Merrill Lynch

Ahron Segal ’16SB, Milton Berg Advisors, LLC

Kuty Shalev ’94SB, Celevertech

Ethan Silverman, Gideon Capital

Ed Stelzer ’90YC, Zurich Insurance

Joel Strauss ’82YUHS, ’86YC, ’92C, Kaplan Fox and Kilsheimer LLP

Bruce Taragin ’89YC, Blumberg Capital

Shimon Wolf ’69YC, Wolf Maryles & Associates, LLC

Stephen Zeffren ’11SB, Northwestern Mutual